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Photo of Celebrity with Name:            Famous For :                                            Status:               
CELEBRITY:                                             FAMOUS FOR:                                                  STATUS:sp&nbsp

Patrick Kilpatrick                                    Minority Report                                     Hunt Completed (to also appear in additional future hunt)


Henry Tillman                                         1984 Olympic Gold Medal Boxer                       Confirmed

                                                                                                             Also for beating Mike Tyson
 Henry Tillman  

Kevin Sorbo                                             Hercules and Walking Tall                                Confirmed

Kevin Sorbo

Richard Karn                                        Home Improvement Family Feud                        Confirmed

Richard Karn

Joe Mantegna                                       The Godfather III Criminal Minds                      Confirmed

Joe Mantegna

Oscar De La Hoya                        Super Welterweight World Champion Boxer      Confirmed for Monster Halibut Fishing in Alaska 

Oscar De La Hoya

Christopher Atkins                                 The Blue Lagoon The Pirate Movie                 Confirmed

Christopher Atkins

Gary Sinise                                            CSI New York Forrest Gump                               Pending

Gary Sinise

Slyvester Stallone                                  Rocky Expendables 2                                         Pending

Sylvester Stallone

Evander Holyfield                                   World Champion Heavyweight Boxer              Pending

Evander Holyfield

Tony Tarantino                              Hollywood Producer Tarantino Productions            Confirmed

Tony Tarantino

Mark Wahlberg                                      Shooter Ted The Departed                                  Pending

Mark Wahlberg


Todd Hoffman                                     Star of Gold Rush: Alaska                                Confirmed

Todd Hoffman