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"When Only the BIGGEST will do" on

This series is based on finding not just trophy game, but MONSTER Trophy Game from around the world. The target viewing audience is the very affluent hunter that can afford the crème de la crème of products and safaris.  It will hosted by Baron Steven W. Moore (President and CEO of Legacy Entertainment) and his wife, Baroness Lily Moore (Vice President of Legacy Entertainment’s Feature Film Division). The guest hunters will be invited sponsor guests, celebrities, and VIP’s.

This series will be filmed in HD and HD-3D. Beautiful aerial and special pan angles will be filmed. Witty and comedic banter will be shown between talent and guests. Very informative, cutting edge hunting information will be shared. Well written scripted material will be utilized. This series will have the following segments:

  1. Introduction of who is going on the hunt, what we are hunting, location, travel shots leading up to the hunt.
  2. The hunt.
  3. Asking the viewers to submit pictures, video footage if available, and information where they believe the Largest Monster Game can be found around the world . Winners will be shown in the episodes we choose to hunt that venue and or photos or video footage of their hunt shown on camera. Prizes from sponsors will be awarded.
  4. Newest, latest, greatest crème de la crème hunting products reviewed, and Safari venues discussed.   
  5. Tip of the day: Helpful information on how to prevent blisters, choosing the right equipment, etc.
  6. Interacting with the locals, their customs, traditions, etc. Viewing the final product of the game taken:  Game shoulder mounted, gun and ammo bags from skins, rugs, and a bar-b-q with the cast and crew tasting the game meat.

Executive Producers: Baron Steven W. Moore (President / CEO Legacy Entertainment) & Baroness Lily Moore (Vice President of Legacy Entertainment’s Feature Film Division).  

Hosts: Baron & Baroness Lily Moore along with guest celebrities, sponsors, and VIP’s.

First Episode: Patrick Kilpatrick takes an 800 pound Monster Elk with a Freedom Arms Pistol, Baron Moore takes an almost world record Elk well over 1,000 lbs. Bob Davis, CEO of Freedom Arms, and John Pride, CEO of Pride Fowler Scopes are joined as guest hunters as well.

1st – Central Utah
2- 6th – Africa
7th – BBQ Wrap -Up Segment info 2nd
8th – South Dakota
9-12th – Alaska 8th
13th Episode - Season 1 Highlights

Please note that this series calls for the crème de la crème in each category of product and hunting venues. To be true to the series bible, we need to showcase The Best and hunt for The BIGGEST Monster Trophies from all around the world. Each episode to have unique stories of celebrities and VIP’s sharing their love for hunting.